What is Psychology Scholar?

First think that you need to know is that “I am not a Psychologist, I am a Psychology Scholar”. What are the differences? Please read the following paragraph to know the difference.

According to the 2010 Ethical Code from “Himpunan Psikologi Indonesia” or HIMPSI (in English: Indonesia Psychology Association) Chapter 1, Section 1, Point 3, Psychologist is a person who has undergone a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and a Psychologist Profession Master Degree. 

Furthermore, according to 2010 Ethical Code from HIMPSI, Chapter 1, Section 1, dan Point 4, Psychology Scholar is a person who has undergone a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and/or a  Master Degree within a Psychology Field. Psychology Scientists are divided into 2 categories which are: 1) Pure Sciences; 2) Applied Sciences.

My bachelor degree is Psychology, however, my master degree is in Counseling. Hence, it is not a Psychologist Profession Master Degree but more on Master Degree within a Psychology Field – Applied Sciences.

According to 2010 Ethical Code from HIMPSi, Chapter 1, Section 1, dan Point 4, a Psychology Scholars are eligible to give certain Psychological Services, which are:

  • Research
  • Teaching
  • Training Supervision
  • Public Services
  • Policy Making
  • Social Intervention
  • Psychological Assessment Instrument Developer
  • Assessment Administration
  • Modest Counseling
  • Organization Consultation
  • Program Development and Evaluation

I hope by giving you this information, you can understand the differences between Psychologist and Psychology Scholar.