School Majoring

Every goal has it’s own path, and it is very important to know the path. That is the main philosophy of this service. Every school now in Indonesia has different majoring. The most common situation is the major is divided into two categories which are 1) Natural Science and ) Social Science. Some other school may give the third categories which is Language. Regardless the categories, the majoring is exist and it will impact the pupils’ life in the future.

As we know, every major would lead to a different type of education. Different major are given different lesson, different skills, activities and also different mindset. Therefore, the choice among this major are a CRITICAL POINT of the pupils life. Incorrect choice would impact the rest of the pupils life.

But no worries, this where my skills could help in preventing that to happen. I am here to help the pupils to find their tendencies based on their current state. The idea of this service is to find current interest, abilities and some future reference and using that to give suggestion in which major are suitable for them.

What to expect from this service.

  1. A battery of psychological test will be given to the pupils. The test will help to identify intelligence, interest, ability and personality which later can help to find the most suitable major for the pupils.
  2. A full psychological report indicating the recommendation of the major that is most suitable to the pupils.

Where should I begin if I want to use this service?

Just simply contact me through my contact options and inquire about this particular service. I will guide you through it.


For my School Majoring service fee information, visit this link.