Good seeds, grow strong!

Those are the philosophy of my recruitment service. Prospective employee is similar as a seed that the company put in the field of work. It needs to be strong to grow, the company may nurture the seeds to grow but if the origin if the seeds is defective, no matter what nurture the company give to the seeds, it will not grow strong or grow at all. By that parable, my recruitment service offers you to find the best seeds there is in your prospective employees.

What to expect from this service.

  1. A battery of psychological test will be given to the prospective employees. The test will help to identify the quality of the prospective employees and whether they are suitable with the position that you offer.
  2. An In depth-Interview will be conducted to gather another data about the prospective employees. The data from the In depth-Interview gives more qualitative data that can also be accounted to make the decision.
  3. A psychological report indicating the recommendation status of the prospective employees. The possible status given are: 1) Recommended 2) Take into Consideration 3) Not Recommended

The flexibility of this service

In the real word, the service can be tailor fitted to your need. For example:

  1. Do you need me to handle recruitment from the selection of C.V. or you just need me to handle from the Psychological Test up to recommendation?
  2. How many candidates are applying to your Company? Do you need me to handle big number? Small Number?

All situation and condition can be negotiated.

Where should I begin if I want to use this service?

Just simply contact me through my contact options and inquire about this particular service. I will guide you through it.


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