Public Speaker

Public Speaking is one way to give out, transfer and share the knowledge to a group of audience. In a public speaking activity, a group of audience will be placed in the same room and the speaker (i.e. myself) will be speaking to the audience and shares the knowledge. A suitable material will be prepared according to what audience need or want. Of course, the topic must be in my areas of expertise.

What can you expect from my Public Speaking services.

  1. Material of the session will be prepared by me, however, other equipment such as projector, mic and other will be prepared by the host.
  2. The material that I prepare would include: PPT, Video, Pictures, Worksheet, and is some session Case Study.
  3. The session will be interactive not only one way, I will include the audience in the session. The contribution of the audience can be in the form of testimony, answering questions, ice-breaking and games (will be explained further in the next point.
  4. Depends of the audience, sometime I will prepared games and ice breaking as an opening or intermezzo.
  5. At the end or during the session, I usually give out some quizzes to freshen the audience about the material.
  6. Question and Ask session will be also include in every of my Public Speaking. This is important to make the audience really understand the material I will be giving to them


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