Personal Information

Since some of you may give a lot of information about yourself to me, i think it is also fair if I share a little bit about myself too.

Let’s start with the name, my full name without any title is Wilibrordus Wisnu Tri Widodo Endro, the Wilibrordus is my baptism name. Through my life, I’ve been moving several times, I was born in Medan, North Sumatra, Indonesia on May 1st, 1988. Not so long after that, my family moved to Bandung, Indonesia. I grew up, finished my Bachelor Degree in the said city. After I finished my Bachelor Degree, I pursued and finished my Master education in Manila, Philippines. Once I finished, I came back to Indonesia, lived in Bandung again for several months and moved to Surabaya City Indonesia, and know, I’ve been living here ever since.

During my free time I like to travel around places. I enjoy riding car and motorcycle. Back in the day, I was an active Off-Roader, I like the mud, 4WD cars, jungle and adventure. Since I started my master degree, my off-road career has been out of the options. Furthermore, since I moved to Surabaya, I am more active in motorcycle touring. I like the feeling of riding motorcycle in a very long distance, the wind, the  openness. Some other things that I like are watching movies, superheroes movies (Batman FTW!!) and Opera Music (Puccini’s, Kraus, Bergonzi, Three Tenors, and Bocelli).

In terms of Counseling, mostly I enjoy dealing with teenager up until old age. I do not have the capability in handling children. Most of the times you do Counseling with me, I will  do cognitive-restructuring in viewing your concerns. I give options, 3rd person point of view, and information that I have about your concern. I consider myself as an open-minded person, warm and welcome to everyone.

Well, I think that is enough about me. Hope by giving this small information about myself, it would be easier for you to open up about yourself too.

Please do not hesitate to contact me, I am open to every question. 🙂

Long… long… time ago. 🙂


I like to tour using motorcycle now…