Out-bond is as simple as designed outdoor activities with a psychological purposes. For some group of people, formal learning activities such in a room or class just doesn’t work. For some people they need to be learning by doing, plus, fund outdoor environment.

Out-bond activities are designed carefully to meet the psychological abilities goal. Furthermore, the psychological abilities can be vary. From as simple as exposure to perform to such as team building and decision making. They all are can be achieved using out-bond activities.

What to expect from this service.

  1. Preliminary meeting for discussing the goals and other administrative stuff such as the amount of participant, whether the location already available.
  2. Presentation of the out-bond activities designed and discussion whether it is favorable and accepted.
  3. The implementation of the out-bond.
  4. Depends on the goal, the result of the out-bond may visible directly after the event or will be visible for some period of time after the event.


For my Out-bond service fee information, visit this link.