Direct Counseling

If you feel comfortable to meet me directly and in my resident area, I suggest you choose this service. The main idea of this service is for us to meet face to face and talk about your concern. This service I can say is the most effective and efficient way for to help you. By direct meeting, my effort would be optimal, because not only Conversation, I could also observe you holistically. In some session, direct meeting would also give us the privilege a direct coaching. Feedback are given at the very moment.

Some shortcoming of this service are: 1) You will need to be in my residential area; 2) For those who kind of shy, you would have to meet me personally.

Where is this service took place?

It is depend on you, I am very flexible about the place that we could meet. We can do this in my place or if time permit we can arrange meeting in another place such as restaurant or other hang out places.

What would happen in the session?

To give you and idea, the conversation that is about to happen in the session is:

  • First, I would need to know all of your story, what make you uncomfortable. Some client usually don’t know where to start since the concern is to complicated, well don’t worry. I am trained to guide you even in telling me your story.
  • Second, once I think already knew what your concern are, I would ask you about what are you expectation from this counseling session. By doing this, I would know what are your expectation in talking with me. So that I can try to meet your expectation.
  • Third, once I know your concern and expectation, then the guidance and counseling will start. The process of this stage is different to every client. But one thing you need to know is I will try my best to make you feel better.

Where should I begin if I want to use this service?

Just simply contact me through my contact options and inquire about this particular service. I will guide you through it.


For my Direct Counseling service fee information, visit this link.