“I feel stressed out.”

When this words comes to your mind, than counseling is the service that you are looking for. There are lots of definition offered by several experts in this field. However, to make it simple, counseling is a method based on therapeutic relationship to reduce or remove one’s distress. When We talk about Counseling, We are talking abut concerns that are not too clinical. Some you may feel a little bit anxious, sad or stressed out, and when that happens Counseling is the best service for you.

Then what is the difference between Counseling and Consultation? The most simple explanation is that Consultation if for them who only wants information. People who seeks for Consultation feels good about his/her surrounding. They don’t feel anxious, sad nor stressed out. In consultation, my service is more on giving information based on my expertise and knowledge. I will not ask about feelings, relation and other things that is too personal.

Now that you know the difference, you might proceed to Consultation if you feel that the service is more suitable for you, or you can stay here and look for further information about Counseling.

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