“I want to know more”

If this words come to your mind, than consultation is the service that you are looking for. People who seeks for Consultation usually already have a based or basic knowledge in the topic that they have interested in and looking for more information. Other possible situation is that they already have interest but zero knowledge in the topic and still, looking for more information. People who seeks for consultation feels good about themselves and their surrounding. In consultation, I will not deal with your feelings and other information that is too personal.

Then what is the difference between Consultation and Counseling? Counseling is given to a person that does not feel good about his/her selves or his / her surroundings. They may feel anxious, sad and stressed out. In Counseling I deal more on the feelings and other personal information.

Now that you know the difference, you might proceed to Counseling if you feel that the service is more suitable for you, or you can stay here and look for further information about Consultation.


For my Consultation service fee information, visit this link.