Comprehensive Career Counseling

Having a good career is everyone’s dream. However, sometime some people just don’t know what is the best career for them. This service is specially designed for a person with a career concern. Concern can range from early stage where you haven’t decided what is the best career for you, up to the stage when you already have career but you don’t feel happy about it. You can be in high-school age, college age, or already become an employee or occupation to use this service.

What would happen in Comprehensive Career Counseling?

To give you and idea, this service consist of three stages which are interview stage, assessment stage and report delivery stage.

  • Interview Stage: In this stage, I would like to know your concern about career, what is on your thought about current situation. I would also like to know you expectations from the Career Counseling and also you expected situation regarding your career. In this session also, I will ask you a number of questions in regard to your career preferences.
  • Assessment Stage: In this stage, I will give you battery psychological test to know several aspect of yourself which I will be using to complete the data (along with the result of the interview). The result of the battery psychological test along with the interview the will be analyzed.
  • Report Delivery Stage: In this stage, the result would be issued. What will happen in this stage is that I will personally tell you the result. This would be the end of Career Counseling.

Where should I begin if I want to use this service?

Just simply contact me through my contact options and inquire about this particular service. I will guide you through it.


For my Comprehensive Career Counseling service fee information, visit this link.