Chat Counseling

This a the most modern break-through service in guidance and counseling world. This service is most suitable for people who doesn’t familiar with Psychology Expert and seem reluctant to either meet or talk to a Psychology Expert. This service would be a opening gate between you and Psychology Expert for further therapeutic relationship.

The benefit of this service is that you do not really need to talk or meet me. Just text using 3rd party app in your mobile phone. Guidance and Counseling could still be happened however I really could not observe you in this service. Miss-interpretations are highly potential to happen in this service.

What would happen in the session?

To give you and idea, the conversation that is about to happen in the session is:

  • First, I would need to know all of your story, what make you uncomfortable. Some client usually don’t know where to start since the concern is to complicated, well don’t worry. I am trained to guide you even in telling me your story.
  • Second, once I think already knew what your concern are, I would ask you about what are you expectation from this counseling session. By doing this, I would know what are your expectation in talking with me. So that I can try to meet your expectation.
  • Third, once I know your concern and expectation, then the guidance and counseling will start. The process of this stage is different to every client. But one thing you need to know is I will try my best to make you feel better.

Where should I begin if I want to use this service?

Let me guide you through this.

  • First, you need to know that we need 3rd party app to do this, I use several apps that allow us to communicate using phone call such as Skype, Facebook, Line and WhatsApp. If you don’t have those apps, then choose one to install in your either phone or computer.
  • Second, once you already have the app, either save my number or add my ID.
  • Third,  please chat me first and ask for chat counseling. I may ask you to tell a bit about your concern for the purpose of knowing whether you concern is in my expertise area.
  • Fourth, If I fell that I could handle it,  there will be some administrative matter to be done first before we do the video call counseling such as scheduling, information and payment.
  • Fifth, once the administrative matters are finished then we do the chat counseling.

Pretty simple isn’t it? 🙂


For my Chat Counseling service fee information, visit this link.