Areas Of Expertise


Through my master education, I learned a lot about counseling. These are several topics in Counseling I can help you with:

  • Counseling Process / Stages
  • Group Counseling
  • Foundation of Counseling (The essence of Counseling)
  • Psychological Test and Assessment (Inventory and Projective Tests)
  • Various Techniques and Theories in Counseling Intervention (CBT, DBT, Solution Focused, REBT ETC)
  • Program Development

Career Counseling

The root of counseling science and service is actually career counseling. Frank Parson, the father of counseling, first started counseling service that help people finding jobs, later then, counseling science becoming closer and closer to Psychology, handling clients with mental disequilibrium. Cause back in the day, it was found out that to determine someone’s career, mental health is highly correlated.

In determining someone’s client, a lot of things need to be considered. Starting from expected career all the way to talent and interest. It is not that simple, however I am equipped with proper knowledge to give you either counseling or consultation.

Stress, Anxiety Related Disorder and Depression

Bottom line, those are Psychological Disorder, why do I claimed to be an expert in these areas? Simply because I am interested in these areas. Of all the Psychological Disorder that are exist in DSM, I observe that these psychological disorder are more common to happen among people. It can range from mild to severe and could practically impair your live. Daily events and activities such as communicate to other people, lots of work and speaking in front of other people can trigger these disorder. Therefore I put more interest and energy to study these disorders. I can help you with topics that related to these disorders such as Etiology, Criteria, Prognosis and Treatment that suitable with each of every disorders.


I am not only interested in what some people call “Negative Psychology” that focus on mental Disorders. I am also interested in the “Positive Psychology”, especially Happiness. I believe that Happiness is an ultimate goal in life and everyone deserves to experience it. It might not easy though, you have to make an effort to be a happy person. I have been studying about happiness and I would more that happy to help, consult and guide you to achieve it.

These are several points of happiness that I have studied so far

  • Definitions of Happiness
  • Culture and Conceptualization of Happiness
  • Subjective Well Being (Happiness Concept from Independent/Individual Culture)
  • Interdependent Happiness (Happiness Concept from Interdependent/Collectivist Culture)
  • What makes a person happy?
  • How to measure Happiness?

Evidence Based Psychological Practice (EBPP)

How do you know that a treatment is effective? Of course if some other people (could be any mental health practitioner) successfully help or cure their clients or patient using that treatment. If there is no evidence that the treatment is working, than it’s effectiveness in helping or curing the concern should be questioned.

That is basically the essence of EBPP. During my master degree, my University (DLSU) introduced all students to this to conceptualize method. Therefore, I am now understand, use it, and could teach this skill and knowledge to other people.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT)

This therapy believe that how you perceived things can affect your behavior. A simple item such as a pen could mean nothing to some people, it is just a tool for writing. However, for someone who had been injured by a pen, that pen would make the person feel anxious and scared. This example, could give you a picture of how  CBT view Psychological Cases. The aim of CBT is to restructure the cognitive of the person who experience dysfunctional thought.

Furthermore, I can help you with CBT Topics such as:

  • CBT Basic (The Essence of CBT)
  • Practising CBT in Psychological Cases
  • Tools needed to apply CBT into Psycholoical Cases.
  • Various CBT Intervention to deal with various situation of Psychological Cases.