Adjunct Psychology Lecturer

Teaching is also one of my passion. I like sharing what I know to other people. Furthermore, teaching is not only about sharing the knowledge but also the bond between me and my students. It is very enjoyable being able to teach people and also being able to add some new friends, connection and possible colleagues with the students.

Just for information, I consider myself as a not so strict Lecturer. I do not to stress my students, I am flexible and also negotiable in term of class situation. However, certain ground rules need to set. In term of administrative stuff, I am very strict. For me it is important to set a conducive class atmosphere so that the pupils can absorb the knowledge easily.

What to expect from this service.

  1. Material of the class such as weekly material, quizzes and exam will be prepared by me.
  2. I use not only reading material but also real-life experience, so expect field study and outdoor lesson from me.
  3. I usually give a 100% clarity and openness of the grade to the students. I give the rubric to show them how can they achieve the best score.
  4. Students are welcome to clarify their grade.
  5. Expect class activities from me that is not only one way teaching method.