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My name is Wisnu Tri Widodo Endro, S.Psi., M.A and I am a Psychology Scientist. As for now I am well equipped in terms of skill and knowledge about Psychology and Counseling. I am here to help you, who is currently seeking to enhance your quality of life and feel better about yourself.

Asking is a Sign of Bravery.

Some people consider asking is a sign of weakness. When you ask, it means that you do not know, and knowing is superior than not knowing. Well, let me put it in the most simple way. If you have a bachelor degree in let’s  say Psychology, and you are asking people what depression is, then it might be your weakness. It means that you did not learn anything in your bachelor education. But if you have degree in Psychology and asking people about “car-parts”, then it is not a weakness. It is a sign that you want to learn something new, you want to educate your self and you want to be better.

This explanation can be also applied to life on the daily basis. We are learning everyday, the life give us so many lessons in so many different ways, and similar to education, when lessons are given, we might not understand or master it directly. Furthermore, similar to education, sometimes you need to put aside your fear and ask to the teacher or any other person that might understand the lesson more than you. By doing this, instead of being weak you are actually become a brave person that want to help yourself, rather than become lost.

I can help you…

As I told you earlier, I have the knowledge and the skill to help you professionally.  You might be in distress situation right now or you might be not, maybe you are just curious about your place in life. You maybe just want to know where to go next. I can help you in all kind of these situations, I am not only handling people in distress, I also help people who are just maybe confused about their options in life.

You can click here and see what are my services and my specialties. I am warm, open-minded and have the passion to help you. If you trust me, do not hesitate contact me directly. My word to you is that I will do my best to make you feel better.